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"Scrollsaw Creations" by John


John has kindly shared with us some of his creations which he has produced using his Hegner scrollsaw. To give further insight into his work, we noted the key materials which have been used for each project, as well as a guide time which indicates how like the project may take.

Have you got some projects that you've created on your Hegner that you'd like to share? If you have, or if you have any comments on the work that you can see in our Projects section, get in touch with us!

For further information on John and his projects, read his bio.



Cut from...

Time to cut...

VW Roadster
Various hardwoods
50 minutes
Book Ends
6mm and 10mm MDF
1 hour
Oval Box
6 mm sweet chestnut, 35 mm cherry
1 hour 10 minutes
Noah's Ark
18mm MDF. Animals - Various hardwoods, 12mm to 18mm
4 hours
Tree Ornaments
3mm birch faced plywood
10 to 30 minutes
Zoo in a Box
25mm southern yellow pine, 3mm birch faced plywood
2 hours
Pirate Ship with Cannons
7mm to 19mm hardwoods. Sweet chestnut, Cherry, Black walnut, ash and sapele.
4 hours
Heart-shaped Box
6mm and 19mm maple
40 minutes
6mm birch faced plywood with 3mm black walnut numbers
1 hour
Fret Cut Trinket Box
7mm Ash
2 hours
Compound Cut Humming Bird
30mm line
20 minutes
Music Box
From 6mm to 35mm Sweet chestnut, beech,ash and sepele
3 hours
Key Rings
7mm Oak
10 minutes
Coloured Cats
19mm Tulip-wood
30 minutes
Wedding Album
3mm and 6mm birch faced plywood
35 minutes
Rearing Unicorn
19mm Sweet Chestnut
40 minutes
Cake Topper: Man and Lady
6mm steamed beech
30 minutes
Coloured Fish
19mm MDF
6 minutes
Corner Shelf
7mm Ash
1 hour
Religious Cross
7mm to 12mm Hardwoods, Ash, Beech, Sapele
2.5 hours
Coloured Puppies
19mm Sycamore
25 minutes


About John

Since leaving the Royal Navy in 1983, John's interest in woodworking was rekindled.

John's Hegner
"My Father purchased a Hegner Multicut 2 in the 70s and I used to play about with it cutting simple shapes when I was on leave from the Navy. However, I never really got into serious use of the Hegner until around 2000 when a friend asked me if I could make him some wooden jigsaw puzzles of his children. This request got me thinking and I asked my father if he still had his saw. Thankfully he had, and I have never looked back.

"I find the Hegner Multicut 2 variable speed scrollsaw the best saw I have used. It has a sturdily built base made from cast iron with an aluminium table which conveniently tilts both ways. Changing the blade is quick and easily done without any tools other than a clock key. The variable speed runs from 400 to 1400 strokes and is suitable for cutting a great range of items from eggshell through to mild steel. There is minimal vibration, if any, and with the quick blade tensioning lever, the saw is a pleasure to use, and aside from the occasional clean and a spot of oil, is almost maintenance free."

"I use mostly hardwoods of different species; birch faced plywood and MDF depending on the finish required. If it's going to be painted, the MDF is the preferred choice. Birch faced plywood is used for book marks, cards, photo frames and for anything where strength and rigidity are called for. Hardwood is used for mostly toys, coasters, music boxes, bowls, baskets and clocks. I purchase hardwood sawn and mill it to the required size as needed."

"I tend never to rush an item as it generally ends up going wrong and taking more time. On average, it takes 20 minutes to cut an 80 piece picture jigsaw (size 28cm x 20cm). I just take my time and enjoy the experience of creating something to be admired."

To see more of John's creations, head over to his Facebook page 


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