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Quick Clamp for Piercework HM0450

Quick Clamp for Piercework

Quick Clamp for Piercework


The Quick Clamp can be mounted in the top arm of your Hegner scrollsaw. Especially useful for inside cuts. The blade can be threaded through a small hole drilled in the work piece and easily fixed into the quick clamp without the use of the clamp key.

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When fitting a standard blade clamp into your Hegner scrollsaw the top arm knurled screw should be adjusted so as loosely retain the blade clamp to prevent it being ejected should the blade break. The standard blade clamp MUST be allowed to pivot on their sharp edge to ensure the blade is kept perfectly straight and vertical while the arms oscillate.

The Quick Clamp should be rigidly fixed in the top arm. There are rotating bearing surfaces within the quick clamp to prevent the blade twisting when tightening up.

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